2002 ADIRA QHD20040 220 Ton 13 foot

2002 ADIRA QHD20040 220 Ton 13 foot

$59,800 (USD)

Little Rock, AR

orCall 1 501-897-1110


Fabricated steel construction with flush floor mount (no pit required)

Upper beam with adjustable punch holders which will hold both American and European style forming punches.

These punch holders allow the operator to crown the upper punch to compensate for deflection or tooling wear.

Hydraulic drive including complete hydraulic system 

Three modes of operation at operator's choice including a sensitive control which allows the operator to bring the stroke down by depressing the reverse foot pedal, stop by releasing the foot pedal, or return by depressing the 

reverse foot pedal; semi-automatic control which allows the operator to bring the ram down by depressing the foot control and return the ram by removing the foot from the pedal; automatic single stroke which allows the operator to activate a pre-set cycle (operator can stop the stroke by depressing the reverse foot pedal). 

Parallelism control 

Bending depth adjustment and readout. Machines repeatability ±.0004" (when it was new.)

Control panel including the necessary selector switches, pressure gauges, pressure regulator, to allow for better tooling 

protection and timer to set the amount of time the forming tool is under load on the material to control spring back. Movable double foot switch on flexible cable.

Emergency stop button. Key-lock switch for On/Off for the power supply.


ModelQHD20040 220 Ton 13 foot
Serial Number6011/11020
Stock Number1133
OA Length157"
Distance between housings122"
Dimensions (w x l x h)162" x 65" x 124"
Machine weight35,200 lbs.