Accur Shear 1/4" x 10'

No longer available

Accur Shear 1/4" x 10'

$39,850 (USD)

Little Rock, AR


This 120" wide hydraulic shear can handle up to a 1/4" mild steel.

Equipped With:

Squaring arm

Blade gap adjustment

Back Gauge


ManufacturerAccur Shear
Serial Number1991
Stock Number00052
Capacity10' X .250 Mild 1/8" x 10' Stainless
Blade length124"
Strokes per Minute23 Full Strokes, 48 short Stroke
Table height34.5"
NC Back Gauge36" go to NC powered back gauge with touch screen
Blade Rake1/4" per foot
Motor HP25 HP, 440V, 3 Phase (OPTIONAL)
Shipping weight17,000 LBS
Dimensions (w x l x h)148″ x 87″ x 87″