Oakland Rampart Deburring and Polishing Tumbling Machine

Oakland Rampart Deburring and Polishing Tumbling Machine

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Tilting Barrel Tumbling Machines

FOUR SIZES available from 1 to 18 cu. total barrel volume (average working volume 40% of total) to meet your need for fast, efficient drying and finishing. A unique Safety Enclosed Housing provides safety protection features that reduce the possibility of accidental contact with the drive mechanism. The safety housing also guards against injuries from raising or lowering the barrel.

A simple, easy-operating hydraulic system (except on portable Model TB-1) tilts the open-end barrel through a full 90 degrees. Barrel loading height is designed to facilitate easy loading of media or drying materials into the barrel without excessive lifting.

Added features include electronic variable speed drive, our exclusive "No Seam" vinyl Plastisol FM barrel lining for highest cushion, wear-resistance and visibility, rigid welded construction, all resulting in reduced handling at lowest finishing costs. The barrel can be readily lowered to the correct height for unloading onto standard screening or transfer equipment. Optional Power-Tilt is available (on all models except TB-1) with your choice of hydraulic or electrically actuated tilting system with bush-button control.

TB- 1 1 CUFT 17" x 10"

TB- 4 4 CUFT 22" x 18"

TB- 9 9 CUFT 30" x 23"

TB-18 13 CUFT 38" x 32"


ManufacturerOakland Rampart Equipment