14 Cu Ft. Sweco FMD-14LR Internal Separation

14 Cu Ft. Sweco FMD-14LR Internal Separation

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Net Before Ship GENERAL: SWECO Vibro-Energy Finishing Mills provide a unique three dimensional vibratory motion of parts and media, insuring precisely controlled deburring and finishing. The Model FMD-14LR is equipped with semi-automatic parts separating accessories which may be used to quickly and simply remove finished parts from the media at the end of the process cycle. The separating step is accomplished completely within the machine. At the completion of the process cycle, the mill is stopped momentarily and the direction of rotation of the motion generator and parts/media load is reversed. The motion generator weights automatically reset to the unload settings, providing the most efficient unload setting. The operator then actuates the air operated swing blade. The media and parts climb up the swing blade and are separated on a stationary screen. Parts exit on top of the screen while media falls back into the mill. The unloading cycle is approximately eight minutes. OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Diameter..61-3/4 Inches Height..56 Inches Load/Unload Height..47-1/2 Inches Approximate Shipping Weight..2,250 Pounds FINISHING CHAMBER: The Model FMD-14LR finishing chamber is lined with 95 durometer state-of-the-art polyurethane; hot-poured, hot-cured, and degassed for maximum density. The chamber, which incorporates a ribbed outer wall design to prevent parts sticking, is supplied with one 5″ diameter quick-release media discharge door and one 6″ diameter bottom drain with 1/16″ x 7/16″ self-relieving slots. The drain terminates with a 2-1/2″ OD spout for customer connection. The swing blade is air-operated via an air switch, and is fabricated of cast polyurethane to prevent part damage. One screen assembly is included with the unit; available in either 5/8″, 7/8″, 1″, or 1-3/8″ clear openings. The chamber is also equipped with COMPOUND FEED NOZZLES mounted around the center column, connected with tubing to a coupling on the outside of the mill base. ACTUAL CHAMBER CAPACITY..14 CUBIC FOOT Chamber Diameter..61-3/4 Inches Processing Channel Width/Depth..13-1/2 X 15 Inches Maximum Part Length..24 Inches Maximum Gross Chamber Load..4200 Pounds Minimum Lining Thickness in High Wear Areas..3/4 Inches The Finishing Mill Chamber is mounted on twelve heavy-duty, equally spaced spring assemblies; retained in place by the use of polyurethane spring spools, mounted to base top flange and chamber bottom. This design virtually eliminates spring failure and energy transmission to the floor. REVERSING DRIVE SYSTEM: A 5 horsepower, 230 or 460 volt, 60 hertz, 1200 RPM, TENV, grease-lubricated SWECO Motion Generator of double-end shaft design, with two end bell assemblies. Eccentric weights, which provide the vibration source, are mounted to the upper and lower shaft ends. Amplitude levels can be adjusted to meet processing requirements by adding/removing lower weight plates, and/or adjusting the angular relationship (lead angle) of the upper to lower weights. CONTROL PANEL: NEMA 12 Control Panel including the following features: 10 HP Variable Frequency Drive NEMA 12 Enclosure Fused AC Line Disconnect Power on Light Start Push Button/Stop Push Button Three position selector switch Compound/Auto/Jog Elapsed Time Meter Process Timer START-UP AND MAINTENANCE: One Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual, one Motion Generator Manual, and one Tube of grease for bearing lubrication are included with the machine. DELIVERY: Shipment of this equipment can be made in approximately 8-10 weeks from receipt of your purchase order or the receipt of engineering drawings if required. NOTE TO PURCHASER: When ordering, please reference this quotation and specify voltage, screen size and option(s) desired. Terms: Net 30 days. Prices firm for 30 days. Above prices subject to applicable Federal, State, and Local Taxes. All quotations and any purchase orders are subject to approval by SWECO OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Two Valve/Poppet Assemblies For Closable Drains One Compound Injector System One Footswitch One Lincoln Auto Lube Extra Screen(s), 5/8″, 7/8″, 1″, or 1-3/8″ clear openings Sound Cover WARRANTY: One full year on the machine (unlimited hours) and Two full years on the lining (unlimited hours). SMF & Machine Tools, Inc. has been selling new SWECOs since 1969. If you have any questions about vibratory finishing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. SPECIFICATIONS AND CONDITION ARE CORRECT TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE AND ARE SUBJECT TO YOUR VERIFICATION AND CORRECTION.