9-1/2 Cu Ft. Ultramatic OHD2442i 22″ x 40″ Tub

9-1/2 Cu Ft. Ultramatic OHD2442i 22″ x 40″ Tub

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Net Before Ship 9-1/2 Cubic Foot Capacity 22″ X 40″ Channel 5 HP Motor, Dual Voltage Floor Space 60″ X 72″ Weight 2,100 lbs. 79 durometer lining The Vibratory Tub – is constructed of heavy steel, all welded structure. The tub is stress relieved and grit blasted to prevent fatigue. Tub gussets are of one piece construction, each attached to the tub with continuous welds. The discharge of media from the vibratory tub is by means of plug type doors at the end of the tub. The doors are secured by an adjustable quick acting door lock. Removable Drains – are located at the bottom of the vibratory tub for constant discharge of spent compound. A 1″ hose is provided at the drain collection box for easy discharge to drain area. The Overhead Drive – creates a pull up rather than a push up motion. This method equalizes forces throughout the tub for a parallel media line relative to the horizontal center line. This makes possible the processing of heavy, large parts and the ability to run long part lengths without jack-knifing or twisting. Heavy duty spherical roller bearings are used in this patented drive mechanism. Each drive shaft features adjustable counterweights for variable amplitude. Machine Base – Painted Vista Green Automatic Premixing Compound System – designed to flow compound and water into vibratory mass to keep parts and media clean during processing. Complete with pump, mixing head, valves, spray headers, drain hoses and 30 gallon drum. DBA Reduction Package – Sound Suppressor Cover manually operated to reduce noise level to an average overall reading of 84 dba or below. Compartment Divider SPECIFICATIONS AND CONDITION ARE CORRECT TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE AND ARE SUBJECT TO YOUR VERIFICATION AND CORRECTION.