HYDMECH CSNC-65 High Speed CNC Carbide Circular Saw

HYDMECH CSNC-65 High Speed CNC Carbide Circular Saw

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Standard Machine Features ·    Mitsubishi PLC Controller allows for 200 programs to be saved. ·    Job monitoring with cycle time, job duration, parts count and AMP load setting to protect the saw blade. ·    Material library with US steel grades menu with ability to add custom material grades ·    bar feed and roller table with a material gripper feed carriage indexing via ball screw and AC servo drive ·    Heavy duty saw head is driven by ball screw and AC servo drive with horizontal and vertical clamping ·    Mist exhaust system ·    Patent pending blade cooling system. ·    Bar retracts automatically for contact free return stroke of the saw blade ·    Universal Bar Loader for round and square material with safety guard sheets provides inclined storage width of 28.7” (730 mm) for rounds, manual incline setting ·    PLC controlled automatic oil lubrication of all moving parts ·    Output sorting ensures trim cuts and remnant pieces are sorted automatically from good parts ·    Variable vise pressure control with dial gauge – two stations ·    Remote monitoring of PLC for trouble shooting ·    Power transformer ·    Blade lubrication features triple jet system to lubricate blade. If the coolant level gets low, the machine will alarm to alert the operator. ·    Hydraulic rotating wired chip brush rotates in both directions for proper chip removal ·    Status light indicating tower ·    Chip auger ·    Air cooled electric magnetic head break removes all backlash. ·    Built in hydraulic tank and power pack ·    Tool steel hardened precision blade guides ·    Four blade starter package ·    Blade specs: 250 mm x 2.0 kerf x 1.70 mm body x 32 mm bore ·    Pin holes: 4/9/50 mm ·    Bolt holes: 4/11/63 mm Optional Machine Features ·    Universal hydraulic incline adjustment bar loader ·    PLC program modification ·    2 ton- chain and finger bundle unscrambler ·    Chain chip conveyor ·    Motorized sliding out-feed conveyor table and guarding in the following lengths – 1000 mm, 2000 mm, and 3000mm Investment Part Number USD CSNC-65 with standard machine features 17060000 PRO Factory install and machine training included Factory install and machine training included Options Auto bar loader 20’ – hydraulic incline setting 17010028 PRO Chain and finger bundle unscramble – max weight 2 tons 17010022 PRO Chain chip conveyor 17010052 PRO Long cut outfeed motorized sliding table – 1000 mm travel 17060165 PRO Long cut outfeed motorized sliding table – 2000 mm travel 17060166 PRO Long cut outfeed motorized sliding table – 3000 mm travel 17060167 PRO PLC program modification 17060081 PRO Maintenance kit – 4 saw guide plates, 2 metering cartridge lubrication, 25 wire brushes, SSR relay, normal relay, 5 glass fuses, proximity sensor, photo sensor, and mist pre-collector filters 17060100 PRO SPECIFICATIONS AND CONDITION ARE CORRECT TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE AND ARE SUBJECT TO YOUR VERIFICATION AND CORRECTION. THE CONDITION OF THE MACHINE IS AS IT HAS BEEN REPRESENTED TO US. ALL MACHINES ARE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE. EVERY MACHINE, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, IS OFFERED SUBJECT TO OUR GUARANTEE THAT IF FOUND TO BE MECHANICALLY UNSATISFACTORY WITHIN 30 DAYS AFTER SHIPMENT, SAME MY BE RETURNED, FREIGHT PREPAID FOR FULL CREDIT OR REPAIRED AT DEALER’S OPTION. ALL MACHINES RETURNED TO US MUST BE IN AS GOOD A CONDITION AS WHEN SHIPPED.


ManufacturerHydMech Group
Blade sizeCarbide/ Cermet tipped: 250mm  x 1.7 mm kerf
Bar stock length10’-20’ / 2-6 m
Blade drive10 HP / 7.5 kW
Trim cutZero or programmable from 0.4” or longer
Hydraulic drive3 HP / 5 HP for non-round loader
Single stroke20”
Machine voltage240, 480, 575 v
Machine capacity4,400 lbs / 2000 kg
Blade speed50-200 MPM
Machine weight5,500 lbs / 2500 kg
Cut off lengthMin 0.4” up to full bar length
Dimensions (w x l x h)1565 x 2460 x 1800
Remnant length1.57” / 40 mm + cut length