AKYAPAKUSA APK101 4 x 4 x 3/8 Angel Roll

AKYAPAKUSA APK101 4 x 4 x 3/8 Angel Roll

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Stock subject to prior sale. APK 101 ANGLE BENDING ROLL One set standard rolls All-steel (St-52) construction body Shafts made of special steel, hardened and ground Manual lubrication Guide rolls adjustable manually in one direction Bottom rolls hydraulically moveable up and down Digital display for bottom rolls Separate and moveable control panel Horizontal & vertical working position The rolls are driven by a hydraulic motor + reducer and gear system Various types of profiles are easily rolled with the power applied from bottom rolls while pinched between top and bottom rolls. The bottom rolls are driven by hydraulic pistons which are the  main source of the bending power. Since the bottom rolls approach to the top roll with a slightly wider angle, less power is consumed for the same unbent flat ends, thus saving energy. The planetary guiding system therefore  provides excellent pre-bend with less power. The shafts and rolls on the APK  machines are made of 42CrMo4 alloyed steel. The rolls are also induction hardened between 50-55 HRC and polished afterwards. The bigger roll diameters enable the APK series have minimum flexion and hence less deformation. Beside, employment of bigger size bearings also results in longer product life. All the rolls are supported with roller bearings. The roller bearings are suitable for carrying very heavy loads. The roller bearings operate with high precision even under difficult working conditions and are long lasting. Thanks to the use of rolling bearings, friction forces are reduced and thus energy is saved. This means that the drive force is not reduced by the frictional forces, but the whole power is used to shape the material. The bodies of Akyapak Angle Rolls are designed to obtain a maximum strength and rigid structure and consist of certified St-52 quality steel construction. In this way, tensions that occur during bending are minimized and safer and longer machine life are achieved. Provided as standard particularly for bending spiral, angle material and ease of bending, the manual guide rolls are adjustable manually in one direction. *For better and easier angle bending, manual guide rolls with special angle device are provided as an optional features Thanks to its functional and simple design, It is possible to control the rolling of the material from all sides of the machine on the control panel. Two different control panels are offered as standard and CNC. The digital screen on the control panel, number and features of the control buttons may vary depending on the optional features selected. The 7″ digital display is provided as standard. The standard digital display shows positions of  the bottom rolls. The upper posioning limits of the bottom rolls  can  also  be  adjusted  on  the  display  which ensures that the bottom rolls do not go beyond the maximum position. The top-notch and reliable APK hydraulic system is designed to carry out all motions of the machine with ease and accuracy. The hydraulic tank is isolated from the outside to keep the oil clean. An electric level switch is used to control the level of oil due to working in an enclosed environment. The return filter (pressure filter if necessary) ensures that the oil remains clean. The piping system is designed to create minimal pressure loss, to be easily dismantled and to provide the best possible leak-tightness. The hydraulic protection system against overloads ensures keeping the hydraulic pressure at a safe level and provides safety. The top-notch and reliable APK electrical system is designed to carry out all motions of the machine with ease and accuracy. The power circuit and the control circuit are isolated from each other. Installation entrances of the electrical panel are isolated from the outside by adapters. A  gasket  is used on the cover for preventing dust entry into the electric panel. Measures have been taken against overloading. Equipment is used where the operator could easily reach to stop the machine in any adverse situation during the rolling operation. These are  the emergency stop button on  the control panel  and  the security rope around the machine. In addition, electrical and hydraulic measures have been taken against SPECIFICATIONS AND CONDITION ARE CORRECT TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE AND ARE SUBJECT TO YOUR VERIFICATION AND CORRECTION. THE CONDITION OF THE MACHINE IS AS IT HAS BEEN REPRESENTED TO US. ALL MACHINES ARE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE. EVERY MACHINE, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, IS OFFERED SUBJECT TO OUR GUARANTEE THAT IF FOUND TO BE MECHANICALLY UNSATISFACTORY WITHIN 30 DAYS AFTER SHIPMENT, SAME MY BE RETURNED, FREIGHT PREPAID FOR FULL CREDIT OR REPAIRED AT DEALER’S OPTION. ALL MACHINES RETURNED TO US MUST BE IN AS GOOD A CONDITION AS WHEN SHIPPED.


ModelAPK 101
Max. section modulus2.7-4.9
Roll diameter12.4
Top shaft diameter3.94
Bottom shaft diameter3.94
Motor hp15
Bending speed ft,/min18
Weight4,940 lbs